Piwik PRO founder Maciej Zawadziński
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Bitspiration’s Pick of the Week: Powerful, Universal, Secure, Open Source – Piwik

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Startups, apps, websites, ideas – it doesn’t matter as long as they are great and Polish. This is what we will be featuring weekly in Bitspiration’s Pick of the Week series. If you have one of the above and would like to be featured, please contact us! This is a story about the most popular open source analytics software and how its […]

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Getting Things Done with Nozbe

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At Bitspiration, we like to focus on Polish success stories, and Nozbe is definitely one of those. The productivity app has been around for seven years, and has been featured in such publications as TechCrunch and LifeHacker, as well as being recommended by such industry experts as Michael Hyatt. I spoke with Michał Śliwiński, the […]

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