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Controversy over Polish Video Game

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We’ve been talking a lot lately about the success of Polish games and developments in the Polish gaming industry. This time we have a story about a game that has so far garnered mostly negative reception – and so much notoriety that it can’t be completely overlooked.   Destructive Creations, one of the newest game […]

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Soap! Conference – A Clean Start

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The theme of the second annual soap! technical communication conference was “a clean start” – but what does that mean? And what is technical communication, and what does it have to do with startups?   To find out the answers to these questions and learn more about the topic, I attended the two-day conference in […]

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Games Galore at Poznan Game Arena

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Over 40,000 visitors, 400 accreditations, 380 game posts, 240 media publications and 59 exhibitors – those numbers represent last year’s edition of the Poznan Game Arena event for game developers, game lovers and real gaming pros participating in professional e-sport tournaments. This year’s edition takes place in just a few days, between 24-26 October, and […]

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Polish Programmers on Programming

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While Poland hosts plenty of conferences dedicated to programming and software engineering each year, most of these are dedicated to a specific programming language or technology.   However, at the end of this month there will be a conference in Poznań dedicated to technological polyglots – those who code or are interested in coding in […]

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Learn Geometry with Shapes

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Do you still remember your geometry lessons from school? They generally consisted of bringing geometry tools to class, endless drawing and maybe playing with shapes made of wood or plastic – if you were lucky.   These tools were hardly enough to stimulate the imagination, something that’s vital for understanding the complex nature of geometric […]

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Polish E-book Market Grows Rapidly

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Empik’s online bookstore Virtualo has published the “Report on the E-book Market in Poland 2010-2014″. According to its results, the market has been and will keep on growing in double digits.   The previous year it was worth about 40 million PLN (around $12 million), and in 2014 it jumped to 60 million. It’s currently […]

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Startups in Poland: A Who’s Who in 2014

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In the past few years, the startup community in Poland has begun to dramatically take off.   At the moment, we’re at the stage where Polish founders are beginning to think globally, not just locally, and are taking their startup ideas as far as San Francisco or even China. This trend is fairly recent, and […]

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