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Polish Mobile Shooter Turns to Crowdfunding

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A mobile shooter that promises console-quality graphics, pads and no micropayments is being crowdfunded on the most popular Polish crowdfunding platform, Polak Potrafi.   Help Dekompresja (“Decompression” in English) achieve its funding goal of 50,000 PLN. Sathra Games, a brand new Polish game developer studio, is trying to acquire about $13,000 to cover about half […]

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Innovative and Affordable Polish 3D Printer Enters U.S. Market

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Do you still think that 3D printing is a buzzword? If so, think again. The latest 3D printers are being used for more and more applications, while becoming more affordable and versatile. And Polish companies, such as ZMorph, are leading these changes.   A quick look at the world of 3D printing suffices to learn […]

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Parable App Launches in Poland

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A new app called Parable has just launched in the Polish App Store, and it was created by a familiar name.   Attendees of last year’s Bitspiration Festival might remember one of its speakers, Natalia Burina, an experienced entrepreneur, software engineer and mentor who spoke about the future of e-commerce and retail (and in case […]

Businesses and public spaces in and around the Palace of Fine Arts get free access to best-in-class beacon technology
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Kontakt.io Set to Open the Bay’s Biggest iBeacon Playground in San Francisco

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Kontakt.io, a leading global provider of beacon hardware and software, has announced it will open the biggest “Beacon Playground” in the Bay Area, installing 150 beacons in and around the Palace of Fine Arts on Lyon street as part of the Innovation Hangar.   The company will launch the project next week in conjunction with […]

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Wolves Summit Brings Startup AddVenture to Poland

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This April is an exciting time for tech events in Poland.   There are several major conferences, workshops and conventions that will take place this month on such topics as mobile, programming languages, lean startups, UX, infrastructure and social media, among others. The one we’re most looking forward to, however, is Wolves Summit – a […]

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Warsaw’s Innovative Beacon Project Gaining Momentum

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Virtual Warsaw, a beacon-based project that aims to be the world’s first city-wide navigation system for the visually impaired, is entering the implementation phase. It will consist of hundreds of thousand beacons and provide general purpose features as well.   Last year, Warsaw was one of five cities awarded in the international Bloomberg Mayors’ Challenge. […]

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