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Bitspiration Booster is a VC fund investing in early-stage science and technology ventures startups based in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region. We recognize that innovation is not evenly distributed, invest in global collaboration and partnerships, and provide long-term support from our team of experienced operator-investors.

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Wojciech Burkot

ex-Google Engineering Director,
ex-Allegro Chief Technology Officer,
ex-Motorola CEO for Poland,
CPO of BEIT.tech

Wojtek Burkot
Paulina Mazurek

ex-Google Head of
Entrepreneurs Poland,
CEO of BEIT.tech

Paulina Mazurek
Andrzej Targosz

ex-Founder (20 mln PLN exit)
Serial Entrepreneur: Eventory, Proidea, Bitspiration, PLNOG, CONFidence

Andrzej Targosz
robert chang

CXO, board director, advisor, investor. Managing Partner, Blue Titan Ventures, Former Partner, Mogility Capital.

Robert Chang
joanna ptak chmiel
Joanna Ptak-Chmiel
magdalena kabat
Magdalena Kabat
joanna jelonek
Joanna Jelonek

Our decisions are driven by science, not hype, as nature cannot be deceived.

Our approach

Investing in Startups is Like Investing in Show Business
When asked about the chances of success for his new film, the legendary Hollywood screenwriter William Goldman reportedly retorted: "Nobody knows anything." The example of founders who received hundreds of millions of dollars from investors only to exit in an atmosphere of scandal shows that the startup world is very similar. Investing in them is like investing in show business. Question: is this the right direction?
Marketplaces – Without a Technological Advantage, Cash is King
A marketplace is usually not a startup. For a simple reason: however much money you put into it defines what you can get out of it. It’s nothing more than a 21st-century Carrefour or another similar type of supermarket. The more locations you build and the more resources you put into them, the more you get out of it.
The Media won’t Tell you the Truth about Startups & Venture Capital Funds
The Media spins fairy tales about the world of startups. They make heroes out of founders and they turn the growth of companies into a sideshow. A VC is like a good king that gives away half his kingdom on a promise. PR teams working for startups and VCs are effective in fanning the flames. Any problems – if they exist – are effectively camouflaged. Investigative journalists, if you can still call them that, only uncover the truth for the highest bidders.
An investment in a startup will always be uncertain
An investor always buys a certain amount of uncertainty. In Poland, many investors who have a bit of capital assume that investing in startups is too risky of a game. We enjoy playing the game. For us, the best investment is often in startups that were rejected by other VCs who didn’t understand the technology behind them.
Our portfolio
on investment
Airly (Krakow) – a relatively young but very mature team of air quality experts headed up by Wiktor Warchałowski (CEO) and Michał Miśek (head of R&D). They are developing quickly and with admirable consistency.
on investment
Secfense (Krakow) – is managed by Tomek Kowalski and Marcin Szary and they have an experienced team driving this innovative and rapidly developing cybersecurity project.