Proteine Resources


Proteine Resources (Kraków) – Proteine Resources intends to change the food chain through revolutionising the global fodder, food and agricultural market. The concept of vertical fully robotised zero-emission factories, not requiring any human component, processing biowaste into high quality protein, fat and insect fertilizer (frass) without using plastic, water, chemicals and farmaceuticals is our response to the greatest problems of humanity.

Based on a new level of AI-controlled factories, where an algorithm cooperates with a live insect colony and supervises every element of the process to deliver ongoing optimisation, was their vision that has become real. Now the vision of utilising insects as ‘protein of the new millennium’ becomes viable.


Konrad Włodarczyk, CEO & Founder

an entrepreneur and investor, creator of the concept of robotisation of the breeding and processing process and designer of the feed mixes. Earlier as a developer and Managing Director in a wind power construction projects, he is particularly involved in environmental initiatives. For 10 years he also ran one of Europe’s largest commercial insects and reptiles breeding facility supplying the global pet market. He was the pioneer of herpetoculture in Poland. As a creator of many rare and unique morphs, he collaborated with partners in most European countries as well as in Canada, the USA, China, Hong-Kong and Russia. He has extensive knowledge on breeding methods of insects.

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