COMPANY (Kraków) – one of the most experienced engineering teams in our portfolio, led by Rafał Jaworowski, also a founder of the well-established Semihalf company, who’s using our support to create a prototype of a network controller targeted for the next generation network infrastructure (400 Gigabit Ethernet), designed towards flexibility (programmability) of packets stream processing pipeline like classification, parsing and later stages of data traffic processing;


Rafał Jaworowski, Founder & CEO

experienced software engineer who started in telecoms (20 years ago), was a recognized contributort to FreeBSD kernel and moved on to bootstrap Semihalf. With a strong team of software & hardware experts, he’s been successfully competing with global brands, attracting clients like Google, Amazon Web Services, Samsung, ARM or Juniper Networks - while keeping a low profile (PR-wise). Now – exploring next gen network infrastructure solutions with a newly launched team.

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