NoMagic (Warsaw) – set up by Kacper Nowicki (ex Google Eng Dir), Nomagic provides the smartest pick & place robots to eliminate tedious tasks in warehouses while reducing cost per pick. Thanks to its unique AI and Cloud platform, its robots can complete a large variety of tasks to pick and place single products in warehouses with high reliability and flexibility. Nomagic works with leading European e-commerce platforms such as Cdiscount in France to integrate its solutions with existing storage, sorting and packing automated systems and help them move towards full automation – a Robot as a Service model to provide fast ROI for warehouse operations with minimal client oversight. Our ASI BB1 investment was part of the preseed round led by DN Capital; our follow on, ASI BB2 investment is in an equity round led by Khosla Ventures.


Kacper Nowicki, CEO & Co-Founder

a graduate from Warsaw University of Technology: M.Sc. Physics (High Energy). He’s an engineer with 20+ years of experience from several companies, reaching a position of Engineering Director at Google, which he held from 2007 to 2014. Kacper started Google Warsaw office and oversaw expansion to 100+ engineers before moving to the startup world - joining GoEuro as CTO. He launched Nomagic in 2017 out of impatience and frustration not seeing robots helping humans as was promised for so long.

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