Handerek Technologies


Handerek Technologies (Warsaw) – another science-driven enterprise set on an ambitious task to fuel circular economy by recycling waste plastic into fuel (!) this patented process accepts low value, contaminated, mixed plastic from post-consumer, industrial and agricultural waste streams; once the plastics are processed through the modular reactor system, the end product is fuel fulfilling EU norms for Diesel EN590 and Gasoline EN228 components; it also converts the cost of landfilling or incinerating waste plastic into highly profitable revenue source and concurrently lowers carbon footprint. When fully operational it will make 1L fuel out of 1kg plastic – just imagine the scale.


Adam Hańderek, CTO & Founder

a passionate researcher who holds a large portfolio of international patents in the field of waste management. He has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, running several businesses in different segments. For 15 years he has been active in the waste management and recycling business in Poland and Germany.

Susan Kim-Chomicka, CEO & Co-founder

a serial entrepreneur with global experience in USA, Canada, Poland, Korea and China in various sectors. Prior to starting on her own, she worked for Aetna Capital Management where she was managing a portfolio of corporate pension clients in NYC. A business angel, mentor for the MITEF, and Ambassador for Int. Assoc. of Women Entrepreneurs.

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