Fibri Tech


FibriTech (Warsaw) – rather than using the existing plastic, this team led by Tomasz Ciamulski decided to replace it with cellulose (which is fully biodegradable) and are developing a technology for its use in the production of various disposables – and don’t limit yourself to straws (quite popular as current social media hype works); again the potential applications of this technology are countless – as proven in the Proof-of-Principle phase of the R&D works – and include paper, construction or food industries, to name a few. Implementation of this unique technology and business development initially target agriculture market.


Tomasz Ciamulski, Co-Founder

PhD from Warsaw University of Technology in electromagnetic analysis and over 20 years of experience as research engineer, creator of international R&D projects, and founder. Direct experience in bridging industry-science cooperation and commercialization of technologies. International entrepreneurial acumen with first startup experience from Norwegian ecosystem.

Agnieszka Szpara, Co-Founder

senior manager with 20 years experience in health care industry in Poland and CEE. Professional development via all levels of the industry positions, starting with medical administration, via operational management than moving to general management - people management (2,500 staff), sales/marketing, full PnL responsibility.

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