Eventory (San Francisco, Kraków) – team led by Andrzej Targosz, well-known brand on the event market in Poland; you must have used their application at one of the major conferences / events for the IT, business services or banking industries. Currently, with investment and grant for R&D from the Bridge Alfa fund, these guys are developing a new exciting project: Eventory Planning, which goes way further in event management and will finally provide clients with tools to plan & measure RIOs from event budgets – a unique approach, revolutionizing this growing global market.


Andrzej Targosz, Founder & CEO

a visionary, an educator, a community-builder, and a businessman who wears many hats. He is a founder and CEO of over 5 different companies including the PROIDEA - producer of premier tech and startup conferences around Poland; he has been an entrepreneur since the ripe young age of 17, an angel investor on very early stage in startups like Estimote, Jivr, Vbionic, Statsocial and most importantly, a loving husband and father of five. Today, Andrzej’s ultimate business goals steer towards the bigger picture - wanting to create greater international exposure to Poland’s tech scene and creating successful startup -

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