CO2 Energy Storage


CO2 Energy Storage by Innox Nova (Warsaw) – is the latest enterprise of a company actively working in the area of international technology transfer since 2008. Innox Nova was established to commercialize technologies at the stage of proven proof-of-concept, with a chance to implement groundbreaking solutions in the industry.

Today, with the investment from BB VC, the team is focusing on an innovative technology, developed at the University of Girona, Catalonia that can dramatically decrease CO2 emission in the world and enable managing the waste CO2 by production of profitable products out of it.

The company is focused on commercialization of the developed methanol production method using carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2). It is the world’s most advanced and first-ever profitable technology of CO2 and hydrogen conversion to methanol.

Tests conducted in ICIQ Institute in Spain under the direction of Japanese professor Atsushi Urakawa, have resulted in the creation of a new, improved, most innovative and most efficient in the world production method of methanol; as well asthe energy storage in chemical form; with CO2 and H2 use under high pressure conditions – now covered by patent protection.


Tomasz Zmysłowski, CEO & Founder

Engaged in business as an entrepreneur since 1999 in the area of consulting, and since 2008 has also specialized in the transfer of new technologies. In 2010 and 2012, he received an honorable mention in the regional and national 'Innovative Leader of the Year' competition as well as an award from the president of the National Chamber of Commerce at the Congress of Innovative Economy, Innovatica 2013, under the patronage of the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the President of Poland.

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