Artveoli (San Jose) – run by Alina Adams – it’s a Smogathon Global Edition (Kraków finals) winner – a bio-tech hardware startup in the digital appliances space making artistic air panels that create fresh air indoors; the systems are flat, IoT connected, with modern design that remove excess buildup of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and convert it into Oxygen, improving indoor air quality in homes, offices, schools, hospitals and other closed environments – advanced bio-tech with a huge market to address;


Alina Adams, CEO & Co-Founder

a serial entrepreneur, who founded high-tech companies across multiple industries. With advanced degrees in both engineering and business, she has an emphasis on new technologies in the Hardware IoT space. Alina works with companies, investor groups, accelerators and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and beyond to build a supportive ecosystem for innovation and value creation. She is a Faculty member at Northeastern University. Recently invited to collaborate with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and their department on leading CO2 capturing program - allowing to integrate into Artveoli’s devices.

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